Macrotyloma axillare

Image of Macrotyloma axillare

(Perennial horse gram, Macrotyloma)




Macrotyloma axillare

Common name(s)

Perennial horse gram, Macrotyloma

Flower colour; life form

Yellow. White; vine




This species is a perennial, trailing and twining and may climb over trees, it has a strong taproot and the basal stem may be 1-3 cm diameter. Leaves with 3 leaflets to 7.5 x 4 cm. Flowers usually 2-4 per raceme, peduncle to 5 mm long; petals whitish to greenish-yellow, standard 1-1.5 cm long. Pod flattened 3-8 cm long and to 8 mm wide; seeds usually 7-8 per pod.  This species may be distinguished from M. uniflorum by the standard being 10-12 mm wide as against 4-8 mm wide in M. uniflorum.