Meiogyne (syn. Fitzalania) heteropetala


(Fitzalania, Orange Annona)




Meiogyne (syn. Fitzalania) heteropetala

Common name

Fitzalania, Orange Annona

Flower colour; life form

Flowers purple; shrub




This shrub was initially named after Eugene Fitzalan who collected extensively in the Burdekin in 1860 In 2014 on the basis of molecular evidence 2 genera were combined and the older name is now to be used. It usually grows to about 4 m tall and is usually found in vine thickets, the stems are hairy and branchlets form a zig-zag. Leaves are alternate, appear to arise in one plane (distichous), hairy on the lower surface, venation prominent. Flowers about 2 cm long, usually pendent, solitary in leaf axils, fragrant, perianth in 3 whorls, the smaller greenish whorl of 3 then 3 large purple tepals and then 3 smaller ones. Fruit indehiscent, ovoid to cylindrical, cigar-like, orange to 2.5 cm long, finely hairy, may be up to 12 in the one clump. Whilst not very fleshy the fruit is edible.

Additional Images

closeups of fruit on branch