Toechima daemelianum

Image of Toechima fruit

(Cape Tamarind)




Toechima daemelianum

Common name

Cape Tamarind

Flower colour; life form

Cream; tree




This local native tree has also been planted at several localities on campus. The leaves have 4-10 leaflets, readily identified by the large conspicuous rounded teeth, resulting in a wavy appearance, each to 14.5 x 4.5 cm; terminal leaflet reduced to a small spine. On the lower surface there are small domatia. Inflorescence a panicle, to 30 cm long, petals 5 cream to 3.5 mm long, the 8 erect stamens are inserted around a disk and are exserted above the petals. The fruit is a yellow to orange to red capsule to 2 x 2 cm, a yellow aril is present at the base of the black seeds.

Additional image:

Image of Toechima leaves and flowers