Vigna lanceolata

Image of Vigna lanceolata

(Maloga bean, Native bean)




Vigna lanceolata

Common name(s0

Maloga bean, Native bean

Flower colour; life form

Yellow; vine




This species is a perennial with a long taproot, plant may be erect but is more commonly twining, stems to 2 m long. Leaves variable in size and shape even on the same plant, leaflets 3 to 8 cm long and up to 3.5 cm wide, stipules obvious. Flowers borne in 5-flowered racemes, peduncles may be up to 20 cm long. Corolla yellowish with the standard 1-1.5 cm long; pod terete to 2.5 cm long; seeds 3-8. A number of varieties and forms may occur, 2 forms of V. lanceolata var. lanceolata are found on campus, the northern pubescent or hairy form and the form with the geotropic inflorescence where the pods are hidden in the leaf-litter.