Poa is the classical Greek name for pasture grass. Herbs sometimes arborescent found in almost all habitats. Stems normally hollow except at the nodes, leaves narrow with an open sheathing leaf-base; ligule often present at junction of sheath and lamina. Basic unit of the inflorescence is the spikelet with 1-3 glumes rarely 0 subtending the 1-many florets, stamens usually 3, anthers appearing versatile because of the tails, styles usually 2 with 2 feathery stigmas, fruit usually a caryopsis.  For details on the grasses that occur on the Townsville campus of James Cook University, many of which are common elsewhere refer to the ebook "Grasses of JCU. Part A http://eprints.jcu.edu.au/2103/ and Part B http://eprints.jcu.edu.au/2104/.