Acacia mangium

image of Acaca mangium seeds

(Hickory Wattle, Broadleaf Salwood, Brown Salwood)


Fabaceae / Mimosaceae


Acacia mangium

Common name

Hickory Wattle, Broadleaf Salwood, Brown Salwood

Flower colour; life form

Yellow; tree




This species is commonly found on the edge of rainforests. This wattle has one side of the phyllode strongly curved, broad to 9 x 3 cm, basal veins usually 3-5 main veins; flowers in spikes to about 12 cm long, pale yellow, pod linear coiled to 12 cm long, aril bright orange.

JCU acknowledges the Yirrganydji and Djabugay Peoples for sharing their Indigenous Knowledge and pay respect to the elders past and present. “Known as Nga-poong-ka. Tools made from timber. The flowers are seasonal; ‘calendar’ indicators for certain types of seafood”.

Additional image:

Image of Aciai mangium leaves and pods