Acacia spp.

Acacia spp.



Fabaceae / Mimosaceae


Acacia spp.

Common name


Flower colour; life form

Yellow; shrubs, trees


Cairns, Townsville


This large genus is represented on campus by at least five different species. Except for A. bidwillii (Corkwood wattle), which has bipinnate leaves, and has been transferred to the genus Vachellia, the others have simple leaves which are technically known as phyllodes. The most common species with flowers in spikes are: A. aulacocarpa, A. auriculiformis, A. celsa, A. crassicarpa, A. holosericea, A. leptostachya, A. mangium. Species with flowers in heads are: Acacia/Vachellia bidwillii, A. flavescens, A. leptoloba, A. simsii.

Acacia spp.