Alpinia zerumbet

native ginger

(Shell Ginger, Pink Porcelain Lily)




Alpinia zerumbet

Common name

Shell Ginger, Pink Porcelain Lily

Flower colour; life form

Flowers white; herb


Cairns, Townsville


These perennial herbs have rhizomes, which are aromatic when cut with a ginger smell; leaves are 2-ranked, hairs are lacking. Flowers are borne in an inflorescence more than 10 cm long at the end of a cane 2-3 m long; the perianth is basically white but the bilobed labellum is yellow on the inside with red to orange markings. The globose fruit is red. The native species growing along Half Moon Creek is Alpinia caerulea (Native Ginger). This species has white flowers and blue fruit.