Barringtonia calyptrata

Image of Barringtonia calyptra

(Mango pine, Cassowary pine)




Barringtonia calyptrata

Common name

Mango pine, Cassowary pine

Flower colour; life form

White; tree


Cairns, Townsville


This deciduous or semi-deciduous tree is found in New Guinea and Australia chiefly in coastal areas. The glossy leaves tend to be whorled at the ends of the branches, The fragrant white flowers are in long pendulous spikes and appear just prior to the new growth flush. The flowers have only 4 small white petals but numerous long white stamens and are full of nectar. Flowering occurs in late dry season. There are some nice specimens between A1 and A4 and the Refectory in Cairns. The red-flowering Barringtonia is the freshwater mangrove Barringtonia acutangula, some are planted near Riverway.