Canarium australianum var. australianum

Canarium australianum var. australianum

(Mango Bark, Brown Cudgeree)




Canarium australianum var. australianum

Common name

Mango Bark, Brown Cudgeree

Flower colour; life form

White; tree




A common tree in woodlands around Townsville, there is a nice specimen just outside DA10. The leathery pinnate leaves have 5-9 leaflets with prominent lateral veins that are often pale-coloured. The greenish-white flowers are in pendulous racemes; fruit is a smooth blue drupe about 2 cm long, eaten by Torres Strait pigeons and other birds.

JCU acknowledges the Yirrganydji and Djabugay Peoples for sharing their Indigenous Knowledge and pay respect to the elders past and present. “Known as Porr-jar. Fruits are edible. Seeds can be roasted and eaten. Medicine made from tree to treat sores and stop excessive bleeding. The sap used for glue for tool making”.

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