Claoxylon hillii

Image of Claoxylon hillii

(Queensland brittlewood)




Claoxylon hillii

Common name

Queensland brittlewood

Flower colour; life form

White to green; tall shrub, small tree




This tall shrub can be found growing in Half Moon creek near the Library, it is easily recognised by the petiole which is about 25% the length of the leaf blade. Margins of blade usually serrated and there are 2-4 raised glands on the upper surface of the leaf blade near the junction with the petiole. A closely related species C. tenerifolium lacks these raised glands or pocket domatia at the base of the leaf blade. Blade ranges in size from 7-15 cm long and 3-7 cm wide. Flowers vary from greenish to white or cream, fruit a capsule which splits to reveal the seeds that are entirely covered in a bright red aril.