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Melaleuca diosmatifolia

branches and flowers

(Rosy honey myrtle)




Melaleuca diosmatifolia

Common name

Rosy honey myrtle

Flower colour; life form

Flowers pale mauve; shrub




This shrub to 2 m tall has an erect or frequently spreading habit. Leaves are alternate, linear to linear-terete to 1.5 cm long, apex is apiculate. Flowers are is cylindrical spikes 2-4 cm long and to 2.5 cm wide. Petals and stamens pale pink to mauve, stamens numerous, are up to 1 cm long. Capsules cup-shaped, crowded together. Flowering is sporadic and flower spikes often sparse but the foliage is attractive. Previously known as M. erubescens.

Additional images

Closeup flowers and leaves