Melaleuca fluviatilis

(Weeping Tea-tree, Weeping Paperbark)




Melaleuca fluviatilis

Common names

Weeping Tea-tree, Weeping Paperbark

Flower colour; life form

Flowers cream; tree




Both Melaleuca fluviatilis and a similar species Melaleuca leucadendra have papery bark which can be easily pulled off. The branches are pendulous and bear long narrow leaves; the creamy flowers are borne in spikes and these are followed by persistent woody capsules. The two species may be distinguished by differences in the leaves and flowers. In M. fluviatilis the leaves bear crisp, short silky hairs, the stamens are 1-23 mm long and the calyx has short hairs. In M. leucadendra the leaves only have hairs when very young, the stamens are 7-16 mm long and the calyx lacks hairs. A similar tree M. dealbata has anthers only up to 7.5 mm long and the leaves are much hairier.