Gmelina fasciculiflora

Image of Gmelina fruit

(Northern White Beech)


Lamiaceae / Verbenaceae


Gmelina fasciculiflora

Common name

Northern White Beech

Flower colour; life form

Purple; tree




This species is endemic to North Queensland, particularly in rainforest areas. There is a good specimen planted near A2. Twigs are pale, opposite leaves have a petiole about 2 cm long, leaves to 12 x 7 cm, several flat glands may be present near the base of the leaf blades as well there are usually some domatia as hair tufts on the lower surface. The flowers are yellowish with a much larger purplish lower petal, these are followed by purple-coloured depressed-globular fruit 1-2 cm diameter. The fruit when crushed have an unpleasant odour will stain fingers brown.

Additional image:

Image of Gmelina flowers