Passiflora foetida

Image of Passiflora foetida

(Stinking passionfruit)




Passiflora foetida

Common name

Stinking passionfruit

Flower colour; life form

Cream to pale mauve; vine


Cairns, Townsville


A common weedy vine, seeds are spread by birds. It climbs by means of tendrils which are often tightly coiled, formed from modified axillary buds. Leaves are often 3-lobed, are covered by yellowish hairs which have an unpleasant odour when crushed. Flowers to 5 cm diam., petals cream to pale mauve, corona usually pale mauve in colour, ovary with prominent styles. Fruit is a yellow to orange berry enclosed in deeply dissected bracts and bracteoles, glandular hairs present on them.

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Passiflora foetida