Teloschistes sp ? chrysophthalmus

Image of Teloschistes

(Golden Eye Lichen, Golden Hair Lichen)




Teloschistes sp. ? chrysophthalmus

Common names

Golden Eye Lichen, Golden Hair Lichen


Yellow, orange


Grows on bark and leaves


The generic name means split ends and refers to the branching nature of the lichen body or thallus. The common names are related to colour and structure. A tufted lichen often forming o loose cushions usually found growing on bark. It is attached at the base by a holdfast, it then becomes erect and much branched. The branches are orange-yellow to grey and are often twisted together. The fruiting body is an orange apothecium or bowl shaped structure, darker than the rest of the thallus. Here the lichen is growing on Rubus moluccanus on the margin of rainforest at Paluma, north of Townsville