Flindersia ifflaiana

Flindersia ifflaiana

Image of Flindersia ifflaiana flowers and leaves

(Cairns Hickory, Hickory Ash)




Flindersia ifflaiana

Common name(s)

Cairns Hickory, Hickory Ash

Flower colour; life form

White; tree




This native tree, which has been planted in several places on the Cairns campus, has opposite, compound leaves, with leaflets roughly 10 x 5 cm, leaflets 6-12 per leaf, with the terminal leaflet usually missing. Leaflets are hairless.

Flowers are arranged in panicles, about 6 mm diameter; 5 white petals and 5 stamens. Fruit is a woody capsule very rough on outside, opening by 5 valves, valves adhering by their bases and spreading like a flower, seeds winged.

Additional image:

Image of Flindersia ifflaiana seed pod