Arachis kretschmeri and A. pintoi


(Pantanal Peanut and Pinto Peanut)




Arachis kretschmeri and A. pintoi

Common name

Pantanal Peanut and Pinto Peanut

Flower colour; life form

Flowers yellow; herb


Cairns, Townsville


These small usually prostrate herbs form good ground covers. The compound leaves have 2 pairs of leaflets, the terminal pair are larger than the lower pair. The sessile flowers are borne on a long stalk sometimes referred to as a pedicel, although this is not the correct term. Petals are yellow, the standard or back petal is orbicular, 2 cm wide, stamens 10, filaments fused; pod is buried in the soil. Arachnis pintoi is not as robust, however, some are more upright than plants of A. kretschmeri. The latter is more common in the Cairns area where it was introduced as ground cover.

The photographs are of A. kretschmeri. For photographs of A. pintoi access

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